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Remote Tuning Knob for
Amateur Radios

PigKnob is a remote tuning knob for amateur radios that use a plain-text based control protocol (Elecraft, Kenwood, new Yaesu). It has 8 tactile switches and an optical encoder with a solid aluminum machined knob. All functions on the PigKnob from the switches to the encoder clockwise/counter-clockwise actions are user customizable.

PigKnob has two serial ports, one for your computer and one to your radio. The device will proxy serial data from your computer to the radio enabling you to run your rig control software on your computer and use the knob at the same time; it connects in-line.

PigKnob consists of two circuit boards, one in an enclosure and one bare. They are connected with 6 conductor ribbon cable. This reduces cable clutter on your desk, keeping the serial cables and power out of sight.

The PigKnob is available in the shop for $124.99. Click the blue Buy Now button on the right to visit the shop.

PigKnob User Guide


  • Custom/Solid Aluminum Knob
  • Custom Enclosure
  • Optical Encoder (32 PPR)
  • 8 User Defined Macro Buttons
  • Flexible Power Input (7-14v)

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