An Open Platform for Remote Station Control

from Pignology, LLC

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System Overview

PigRemote is an open platform for remote station control. It's a small appliance housing an embedded Linux platform, custom audio codec, and motherboard. It comes in a custom enclosure with connections for:
  • Serial (RS-232) Rig Control
  • Audio In and Out (No third party provider required)
  • Ethernet (wired 10/100 mbps)
  • Power
  • USB Terminal for Linux Shell Access
  • The internal RF data module makes it possible to control the Station Controller product from Sierra Radio Systems using the application PRControl on Windows, Mac, Linux(TBD), iOS, and Android.

    Will PigRemote Work for Me?

    Please read this section in the Pigremote User Guide to determine if PigRemote will work for you.
    Will PigRemote Work for Me?

    Connectivity Options

    Preview Demo Video

    Quick Start Video


    If you're interested in acquiring a PigRemote, they are available in the Pignology Shop located at http://shop.pignology.net.

    User's Guide

    The PigRemote User's guide can be viewed here at the following web page.
    This document is live and the latest information version will always be here.
    PigRemote User Guide
    PigRemote V2 User Guide


    A suite of applications has been developed for use with PigRemote. Rather than putting all functions into a single app, functions have been split into multiple apps to ease development and feature updates.
  • PRDiscover: Discovers the PigRemote on the local network to ease in connectivity.
  • PRAudio: Bi-Directional streaming audio using standard VoIP protocols, SIP and RTP.
  • Rig Control: Rig control is accomplished through various methods. See the User's Guide for more information.
  • PRControl: Controls the Station Controller device from Sierra Radio Systems.
  • Software can be installed from http://pignology.net/pigremote/sw.html